A Comprehensive Partner in Health and Wellness

BSI Medical Supply and its affiliate, BSI Child Care Supply, is a proud provider of high-quality health and personal care items to businesses operating in the health care, adult day care, and child care sectors. For full-time care facilities and resident facilities, we are a reliable resource for durable medical equipment, incontinence supplies, and sanitary products to be used by patients, clients, and the staff that serves them. For part-time facilities such as child care centers for adults and children, we specialize in such supplies as disposable cups and feeding items, cleaning supplies, sanitary products, and more.

We’ve deliberately designed our company to serve businesses and care providers only – ensuring that these important facilities receive the 100% focus and attention their operations deserve. That means we never sell direct to consumers. We always offer best pricing based on economies of scale/volume purchasing. And we stand completely dedicated to rapid shipping and delivery based on the real-world needs of your facility.

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